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So you want your office space to look timeless – how do you do that?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

But the first question to be answered is this – why do you want your office to look timeless? It could be that you want to convey a message that your business has been around for a long time, and it has the strength, trust and the intention to be around for a long time to come. Or that you want to convey to your clients a sense of comfort by having a physical presence which displays feelings of solidarity, with non-jarring elements which don’t message expensive or rare finishes, or elements which have an air of extravagance which are not relatable with your client’s culture, values and expectations of your business.

Now, how do we achieve this? As most fitouts are delivered in modern style concrete and glass buildings, not too many timeless historical examples left in today’s cities, there will always be a disconnect for visitors from the experience of travelling from the street, through the building lobby, up the lift and the walk through your front door if your fitout is too literal with strong references to an older time. Timelessness can be achieved by not being a step taken back in time, but with an allusion to finishes, materials and elements that have the quality to stand the tests of time.

Ways we could achieve this could be as follows;

  • the key here is simplicity, looking functional and uncluttered, good quality finishes and an understated colour scheme

  • making full use of natural materials, stone, timber, leather, glass and fabrics all are relatable to the sense of lasting a long time

  • timelessness also means being built to last, durability is a visual clue to things that don’t go out of style

  • installing some understated elements which incorporate a design history, a piece of art or sculpture with a pedigree as a focus point, or a simple vase with an uncluttered floral arrangement all provide visual links to the sense of serenity and longevity.

The above examples all have to be introduced as support and reinforcement of your client’s brand. The elements of timelessness are the same if you are a professional consulting firm, a manufacturer, a co-working site or an IT start-up. First impressions are powerful and the right solutions for the client never go out of style.

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