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Our difference is our approach to fitout projects from a design led point of view supported by a commercially aware and experienced construction background



Red Eye Interiors has two key offers to our clients as our point of difference in the Design & Construct world. We have control over the design and documentation processes of the individual and specific design solutions we provide for the fitout of our client’s workplaces, and over the costs and programming of the two key trades for delivery success, Joinery and Electrical. With early inclusion of these trades in the design process, cost control, project buildability and critical path programming are built-in from an early stage into the process. This leaves no surprises in final costings and project delivery during the on-site building process.


These two key project elements, if typically sourced from the sub-contractor market, are exposed to pressures from competing priorities from other client’s project needs, and are more exposed to external market conditions in costings. A busy subbie often prices jobs high to make them worthwhile to them should they be the successful tenderer. For Red Eye Interiors, having these trades on staff insulates our costs from external market fluctuations in pricing to a great extent, allowing us to offer our clients a better controlled pricing structure. 

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