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Our experience in working around clients in occupation means minor disruption and inconvenience to our clients while works are happening around them



Red Eye Interiors experience with building refurbishment extends from the re-modelling and re-presenting building lobbies and base building facilities, strip-outs, make-goods and remediation works, to quite complicated fitout projects in populated environments. Our precise Health and Safety Management Systems ensure that work sites, storage areas and client staff and RedEye staff access,  are quarantined from each other for safety and minimum impact on each other’s daily activities. As refurbishment projects are usually staged, circulation and access in a safe manner are a highly critical process to be managed.


A major benefit in refurbishment projects is having Joinery and electrical trades as an in-house component of our business. The co-ordination and ready availability of critical tradesmen for on-site activities streamlines the building process with a greater degree of site management control.

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