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We provide professional interior design services to the commercial office workplace, medical and hospitality markets.



Our difference is our approach. We believe that the Design element in a Design & Construct project is the critical indicator of the overall success of the project. And design isn’t just all about the look and feel of the final product. It is not much use to anyone to have a fantastic looking workspace if the business operations are compromised and not supported and reinforced by the physical elements of the fitout – fit for purpose spaces, support spaces in the most suitable and useful locations, of an appropriate size for its use and with state of the art technology support. The location of work groups to leverage proximity benefits and the showcasing of the corporate culture of the business are all keys to the success of the new workspace.


How we achieve this is that we ask questions, actively listen to the responses and dig down to understand any underlying causes and effects to be able to provide possible solutions. Our experience can identify core elements in a business which may not be desirably effective or support any changes in the way a business works, but can be addressed through physical workplace changes.  We can propose potentially multiple alternatives and solutions for review.


By having Joinery and Electrical trades in-house, for our projects we have early input into buildability and cost management for joinery and built-in fitments, and current market thinking on compliant and cost effective lighting installation, lighting types and fitting design, and control over BCA compliant energy usage, all critical elements in a successful design solution.


We respond promptly, we believe that it is important that in the early stages of a project to provide possible design solutions, and confirm the next two most important project parameters, the budget and the programme.

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